Milosavljevic and Milosevic close second shift

Basketball camp TEO4 > 2017 > Milosavljevic and Milosevic close second shift

Memories packed, friendships made, basketball learned both boys and girls, participants of the second shift of camp TEO4 were able to pack up and leave Silver Lake after nine days full of magical games under the hoops.

The work of the campers was supervised by Darko Ruso, Mario Primorac, Zoran Todorović and Zoran Trivan, along with colleagues Djordje Ađić, Srdjan Flajs and Aleksandar Ičić. Of course, this shift ended with traditional competitions. In the "one-on-one" discipline, the best are: Luka Marjanovic (up to 10 years), Jovan Jovanovic (12), Emilis Butkus (14), Dušan Popović (16).
The best kicker and free throw performer in the younger group is Čereška Povilas from Lithuania and in the older one also Lithuanian Kneizis Radvilas, who was also named mvp of the second shift of the camp. The best threesome in the younger ones is Marko Mojsilović, while the best in the older ones is Attila Polster.

Basketball skills in the younger ones went best for Luka Lojovic, while the older ones were led by Alec Camon (Brazil). Igor Milosevic and Dragan Milosavljevic were hanging out with boys and girls at the end of the second shift.