In the sixth shift, four players

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The sixth shift of the "TEO4" camp has also been completed. A shift in which were convincingly the most guest appearances of Serbian celebrated basketball players.
It started with Stefan Marković and Novicveličković, and ended with Miloš Teodosić and Bogdan Bogdanović, who surprised all campers on the last day of the sixth shift and came for a few hours of socializing and autographsharing.

Perhaps it was precisely because of Milos and Bogdan's visit that the final evening was full of quality and beautiful moves of boys and girls.
The winners in the 1:1 event for the sixth shift are: Uroš Flajs (under 10 years), Vasilije Pajić (under 12), Luka Vujačić (under 14) and Mihalis Vasilis (under 16).

The best shot in the younger group is Markus Miljan, while the best in the older ones is Filip Miloradović.
The three-point shot was won by Nadir Rossi, while Konstantinos Gikas was the best in the seniors.
In the "free throws" category, Jan Babic (younger group) and Dimitris Blecas (the older group) won.
The most interesting competition, as always, was in the category of "basketball skills". Vukota Šuković (the younger group) and Stefan Božić (the older group) won.

Vogiacis Padelis from Greece was named the MVP of the sixth shift of camp "TEO4".