Miloš Teodosić


Miloš Teodosić



MY HEIGHTIS 5' 11 (1.5 5 M)



Since 2007, when he flashed at the European Under-20 Championship in Nova Gorica, the media and experts have been looking for the right words to describe Milos Teodosic's game, and what he's doing perhaps fits best with the famous definition of basketball by Leonard Kopet, an American journalist, winner of the annual Naismith Hall of Fame award:
"The essence of basketball is cunning... Any tactic is all the more successful, the more it finds the opponent unprepared. You will surely surprise him if you make him expect the exact opposite of what you will do...".

And exactly like that: Miloš Teodosić has become synonymous with unpredictability, creativity and moves that break even the most prepared opponentscouts. It combines all the best from the tradition of the famous Serbian basketball school, as the only one in the third millennium who can rightfully call himself the successor of Zoran Slavnić and Aleksandar Djordjevic.

He first played basketball at the age of six in his native Valjevo, one of the traditional centers of Serbian basketball, a city of which he is today an honorary citizen. He started in Student from which he moved to Metalac. He joined FMP from Belgrade in 2001, when he was 14 years old. At the age of 20, he was already at Olympiakos, in whose jersey he reached the first major individual trophy in club basketball: the Euroleague MVP 2009/10. He received the same recognition in the 2014/15 season, as a cska playmaker.
In a total of eight years at two major clubs, Olympiakos and CSKA, he won a total of ten trophies and became one of the biggest stars of the best club competition in Europe. At the beginning of the 2015/16 season, he emerged as the fourth best Euroleague assistant of all time, with a good chance of being at the top in due course.

At a time when patriotism continues to lose its price, when every summer players around the world refuse to play for their national team, Milos Teodosic remains loyal to his country and his favorite team – Serbia. Since 2003, when he became european champion with cadet selection, he always responded to the call of the selector. He was the best on the continent and with the juniors (U18, 2005) and the youth team (U20, 2007), while with the seniors he won two silvermedals, both playing a key role: at the European Championships in Poland in 2009 and at the World Championships in Spain in 2014. He was named the best player of 2010 by FIBA.