Teodosic and Jović at camp "TEO4"

Basketball camp TEO4 > 2017 > Teodosic and Jović at camp "TEO4"

Just a day before the representative gathering in Belgrade, Milos Teodosic had another camping gathering at his basketball camp "TEO4" on Srebrna Lake.
In the company of his friend and representative teammate Stefan Jović, Teodosic trained with children, competed, kicked throws and threes betting with children in ice cream, and finally won the competition "basketball skills" competing against the team led by Stefan Jovic.

Milos's team crossed the entire training ground faster in ten seconds.
In any case, boys and girls who train under the supervision of Vlado Vukoičić, Pero Božić, Milivoj Lazić, Aleksandar Icić, Djordje Adžić and Aleksandar Petrović had the opportunity to learn basketball with their idols.

It was especially uncertain in the competitions on the last day of the fourth shift. The best individuals in 1:1 are: Aleksandar Bogdan (up to 10 years), Milos Jovanovic (under 12), Sergei Silenkov (under 14), and Kirill Korshunov (up to 16). The best kickers are Petar Jovanović (younger group), Marko Aleksic (older group). In the three-point shot, the winners are: Luka Miletić in the younger group and Marko Aleksic in the older group. Free throws in the younger group were best shot by Aleksandar Blagojevic, while in the older one the best was the girl Dunja Posavec. Aleksa Čovičković (junior group) and Uroš Stanković (older group) proved themselves in basketball skills.

The title of MVP of the fourth shift went to Noam Yatsov.