Closed fifth shift with Milos, Bogdan and Muta

Basketball camp TEO4 > 2017 > Closed fifth shift with Milos, Bogdan and Muta

The fifth shift of the "TEO4" camp was over and we again got the best boys and girls by the categories in which they competed.
The winners of the one-on-one competition are: Andrej Nešković (up to 10 years), Andrej Šoškić (under 12), Nikola Milovanovic (under 14) and Aleksa Rakic (under 16). The best among girls under the age of 12 was Maria Grishchuk, while the best in the under-16 category was Sanela Vujicic. The best shooter in the younger group is Nikola Topic, while in the older ones it is Sofija Vasiljević.

The three-point shot was won by Alexander Gavalugov (the younger group) and Jakob Fireson (the older group). Free throws are best performed by Aleksandar Gavaljugov (younger group) and Vlade Vulovic (older group). In the basketball skill category, Alexander Gavalugov (the younger group) was again in the winning position, while mateo Taparo was the best among the older ones. Alexander Gavaljugov was expected to be the MVP of the fifth shift of the "Teo4" camp.
The fifth phase of the camp had a great overture in its introductory days, given that the guests of the children were Milos Teodosic and Bogdan Bogdanovic, accompanied by assistant coach of the Serbian national team Miroslav Mute Nikolic.
Teo and Bogdan had a great time competing in the relay division into Milos and Bogdan's team. The Bogdans celebrated for making free throws better.

However, the biggest treat came in the end because the Serbian national team challenged their coach, Nikolic, to the competition in the half-court shot. Nikolic, who is proven to be good in this competition, accepted with pleasure. The first two attempts of each of the competitors were misses and then Miroslav Nikolic hit from the third attempt with the enthusiasm of all campers and of course the teasing he directed to Bogdanovic and Teodosic. The rematch was scheduled for Kopaonik, where the Serbian national teams are preparing for the European Championship.