The third shift of the TEO4 camp has been completed

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Miloš Teodosić and Stefan Birčević closed the third shift of the TEO4 camp through socializing with children, i.e. competitions with young basketball players.
There were no discounts, especially with Teodosic, who, as he says, does not like to lose, or even at the camp. So the new LA Clippers playmaker kicked pitches for more than an hour, jumped after the ball, ran and ultimately won all disciplines.

"I always tell myself that I'm going to train slowly with campers and in the end I sweat and run to the maximum. What am I going to do, I get pulled by the ball" – Milos said after training and before taking pictures together with all campers.
The gathering continued after the photo shoot because then it was time for autographs and selfies and this lasted more than two hours. The boys and girls in the third shift also had their traditional competitions in which they were declared the best. The winners of the 1:1 competition are: Gordan Stojanović (under 10 years old), Alexis de Vreught (under 12), Marios Constantinou (under 14) and Dušan Popović (under 16).

The best shooter in the younger group is Artem Ružanov, while in the older it is Nikola Zorić.
The best in three-point shooting are: Dimitrije Kostic (younger group), David Duncic (older group).
The victory in free throw shooting went to Luka Stankovic (the younger group), while vukota Timic was the best among the older ones.

In the discipline of "basketball skills", the best participants of the third shift of the TEO4 camp are: Tadija Aćimović (junior group) and Dušan Popović (older group)

The MVP of the third shift is Tadija Aćimović.